Areas of Clincal Focus

Autism/ASD Support

Need a practitioner who is comfortable and experienced working with the special needs population? We’ve got that covered! Dr. Alston has extensive training in the principles of ABA therapy and is certified in Positive Behavior Support.

Thyroid Support

Do you know the thyroid gland produces a hormone that is responsible for regulating every single cell in your body?  Symptoms can arise when too little or too much thyroid hormone is produced.  Normal thyroid function  can be restored with targeted natural treatments. Let us show you how.

Weight Loss Support

There are a lot of misconceptions about natural health and nutrition. Learn how to decipher fact from fiction.  Eating well, losing weight and feeling good doesn’t have to come at the expense of self-deprivation. Discover reasons impeding weight loss and work to correct them, improving your health naturally.

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