Many health conditions can be improved with a proper diet. The human body consists of many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Some of these nutrients must be obtained through diet, others are created within our bodies. Adequate and appropriate nutrient status is what allows the body to heal. Dr. Alston uses food allergy testing and nutritional evaluations, among other testing, to determine optimal nutritional status for each of her patients.


Many of the therapeutic interventions implemented for autistic children revolve around behavioral modification. Autistic children require individualistic care which includes biochemically individualized protocols in addition to a positive, supportive therapeutic team to aid in their growth and ensure optimal functioning. Dr. Alston believes behavioral, developmental and social outcomes can be greatly improved, and that autistic children can thrive with proper therapeutic nutritional supports, particularly for neurological, immunological and gastrointestinal dysfunction.


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why am I always tired?” or “Why am I so irritable at times?” Your diet may hold important clues to these questions. Some of the foods you consume may interfere with the absorption of particular nutrients and/or disrupt normal biochemical processes. When this occurs, the body will attempt to compensate and symptoms like fatigue and mood instability can manifest. A proper, balanced diet can help offset these symptoms and restore health.


Natural weight loss is not a quick, simple process. It takes time and requires a commitment to changing dietary and lifestyle habits. There may be underlying physiological abnormalities impeding weight loss, which Dr. Alston can address in order to effectively guide and support you through the natural weight loss process.


Dr. Alston is also a certified FirstLine Therapy® practitioner. FirstLine Therapy® is a scientifically-proven 12-week program designed to support healthy weight loss and reduce chronic disease risk factors by promoting lifestyle changes in nutrition, exercise and stress management. Dr. Alston’s advanced training in nutrition enables her to create highly personalized menu plans targeting your unique nutritional requirements.